Behavioral Change Campaigns Reaching Millions

In partnership with the Communication Leadership Graduate Program at the University of Washington, we launched a social media messaging campaign to encourage mask use and other healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Informed by the national Kantar mask survey results and other primary and secondary research, we launched our social marketing campaign in partnership with Facebook and Upswell.

Facebook:Social Media Messaging & Message Testing Campaign

Using generous ad credits donated by Facebook, we circulated memes, infographics and videos memes – including original creative content and content from reputable outside sources. Following developing  public-health trends, wee initially focused on encouraging mask-use in small social gatherings, in fall of 2020, then  shifted to promoting the seasonal flu vaccine, Covid-safe support of small local businesses, and finally, once the Covid vaccine was widely available, promoting its safety, availability and efficacy.   Our unique audience-informed approach uses rapid message testing and micro targeting to validate and refine the creative content that had the biggest impact. Shifting our messaging on a weekly or even daily basis depending on engagement levels and audience response is essential for public health issues like COVID-19 safety, where public perceptions and facts on the ground are constantly changing. But traditional social media metrics like impressions, likes, shares and comments on our Facebook and Instagram ads can only tell us so much. So we employ a sophisticated lift test tool that measures audience survey responses against a hold out group, telling us precisely how many people’s perceptions have shifted and behaviors became healthier as a result of seeing the campaign. 

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Due to the outstanding positive impact of our mask wearing ads in Washington state, Facebook requested we  expanded the campaign to 20 more states throughout the U.S. focusing on those with the lowest mask adoption during the crucial 2020 holiday season with half a million dollars in ad credits.

We continue to apply this rapid message testing, micro-targeting, and precision impact measurement approach to regions at the center of the covid crisis, including internationally in India, Nigeria and beyond.  Our diverse team brings a creative, culturally-aware lens to the messaging and deployment of the campaign, allowing us to meet the needs of especially vulnerable and hesitant populations.


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UW Communication Leadership Team

#WearAMaskWA (Summer 2020)
Alex Stonehill: Communication Advisor
Alyssa Seng: Community Outreach 
Isabel Shen: Design & Video Producer
Jordan Melograna: Campaign & Video Advisor
Mo Herbert: Video Editing
Stasea Stewart: Community Outreach + Project Manager  

#MaskUpWA (September – November 2020) & Flu Campaigns (November – December 2020)
Alex Stonehill: Communication Advisor
Alyssa Seng: Facebook & Instagram Ad Manager
Ashley (Ai Heng) Lee: Content Moderator
Marisol Morales: Creative Content Designer
Sasha Buz: Creative Content Designer 
Stasea Stewart: Project Manager

20 State Expansion (December 20, 2020 – January 12, 2021)
Alyssa Seng: Facebook Ad Manager/Campaign Coordinator 

Small Business/Commerce (March 15, 2021 – present) & Vaccine Campaigns (April 19, 2021 – present)
Alex Stonehill: Communication Advisor 
Alyssa Seng: Facebook Ad Manager / Campaign Coordinator
Audrey Widner: Social Media Moderator
Ikram Navia: Creative Content Designer 
Marina Baur: Visual Storyteller & Content Designer
Niharika Arora: Data Analyst