Peer to Peer Vaccine Campaigns

Restart is partnering with Cheerity, a cause related social media marketing platform, to launch a grass roots, peer to peer social media campaign in multiple languages aimed to engage small businesses and consumers in Washington State, primarily through social media.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage healthy consumer behaviors including masking and getting vaccinated, increasing awareness of the measures small businesses are taking to ensure the safety of consumers and promoting small business to level the playing field.

The #RESTARTWA user generated messaging invites business owners and community members to participate by sharing their photo to show confidence in and support of small businesses in Washington State. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how  business owners and consumers can join this campaign and show their support for local Washington businesses.


Washington is open for business. Let's help it stay that way!


We partnered with One Eastside to launch the “Eastside Resilient” regional campaign. 
Show Your Support for East King County Local Businesses and Non- Profits. Do what you can…shop local, get vaxxed, mask up when necessary…and claim the photo frame to show your support.

Our One Eastside campaign: I’M EASTSIDE RESILIENT

Translated Campaigns