Restart Partners’ mission is to assist governments, non-profit and community based organizations achieve the goal of an inclusive and more equitable economy.  The global COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to promote economic recovery raised awareness of the inequitable impacts on and the challenges faced by those in our society farthest from opportunity.  Government, business and the philanthropic sectors have responded with a renewed focus on identifying and overcoming the barriers faced by those individuals, businesses and communities with the goal of making real progress toward a more inclusive and equitable society.   Restart Partners believe that through cross-sector collaboration using evidence-based best practices and a collaborative approach we can help deploy public, private and philanthropic resources more efficiently and equitably, increasing public trust so that those furthest from opportunity enjoy an equitable recovery and a healthier more prosperous future.

Restart’s mission is to provide an evidence-based global initiative using data, technology and collaborative governance to help close the gaps for a more inclusive economy, increase public trust, and ensure those furthest from opportunity enjoy an equitable recovery.

Our Commitment

Complex problems require interdisciplinary, evidence-based solutions. Our team includes policy experts, economists, social impact experts, communications specialists, business leaders, behavioral and social scientists, data scientists, and community leaders. Our multi-pronged approach relies on evidence drawn from hard science and the social sciences – and on moving swiftly to put theory into practice. We are collaborating with diverse government, business, academic and community partners – listening closely, responding with innovative solutions, sharing best practices and resources, and embracing continuous refinement. Restart Partners is committed to serving vulnerable communities and helping them build resilience.